Take that, Sky!

With no sign of any resolution[1] to the customer-unfriendly Virgin-Sky argument, the saga rumbles on. Not surprisingly, companies who’ve paid for advertising are a bit miffed that their messages are being ignored seen by rather fewer people than they expected, and they are reported to be asking for some money back.

In other good news reported in the same BBC article, it seems that Sky’s plans to remove their channels from the Freeview terrestrial digital TV package and replace them with some subscription channels may not go quite the way they planned. Oh good. :lol:

[1] Other than both parties resolving to be as idiotic and self-serving as possible, that is

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  1. Les Post author

    Oh? Are you sure?

    Note: UFA is code for “Unreferenced footnote alert”. Obviously I would never make a mistake with my footnotes, and any apparently missing footnotes are figments of the deranged imaginations of certain readers. :monster:

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