Another day, another upgrade

As you may have noticed, I used the excellent Gallery2 application to organise and display the pictures on Losing it[1]. Unlike my WordPress set up, which is customised, tweaked and generally personalised, my Gallery installation is remarkably standard, with a little help from the WPG2 plugin. Actually, WPG2 is currently a wee bit unhappy, as changes made to WordPress have affected its ability to insert images into posts, but a new version should be available soon.

Anyway, the nicely standard installation of Gallery means that unlike WordPress, where a major upgrade requires a lot of testing and tweaking and breath holding, I’m generally happy to go right ahead. Well, after my usual paranoid approach of backing up the database and all the files, that is. :wink:

So I’m now running the latest version, Gallery 2.2. There’s a guide to what’s new here. I’ll be having a look later to see which features might be worth implementing.

Get Gallery 2.2 from the usual place.