Doctor Who Series Three

With a little under two days to go, it’s time for a quick preview. Russell T Davies has provided a brief guide to what’s coming in the new series in Radio Times. So here’s my quick run down of what to expect:

  • A new companion!
  • Some big guys with rhino-like heads who look like somebody wanted Sontarans but couldn’t get them[1]
  • That Bill Shakespeare bloke
  • A return to New Earth[2] for another meeting with the Face of Boe
  • Daleks.
  • Daleks in New York.
  • Daleks in New York in the 1930s
  • Did I mention Daleks?
  • A running theme involving a trap being set…
  • An episode entitled 42. Doug Adams references, anyone? :smile:
  • Some scary stuff
  • Captain Jack!! Woo hoo!
  • Big trouble with the Doctor’s “greatest enemy yet”[3]
  • Did I mention Daleks? And Captain Jack?

Or to put it more simply, lots of fun!

And for digital TV viewers, each episode will be followed by the always excellent Doctor Who Confidential, with lots of behind the scenes details, in a new longer format.

Expect the traditional reports on each episode, filled with my usual restraint and calm comments.[4]

[1] That’s my theory, anyway :laugh:
[2] We’re promised gags about “going places you went with your ex”
[3] So all the rumours about The Master would appear to be true :bouncy: :bouncy: :yes:
[4] Or something like that, anyway :wave:

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series Three

  1. Sam Judson

    I’m a little excited myself :)

    Amazing the doctor is always there to stop the daleks. He never hears about something and then goes back to try and stop it (although I suppose if he does go back and succeeds then it never happened so he couldn’t have heard about it, and if he did hear about it he must have failed so no point in going back, eh). Or something like that…

    p.s. you’re site is now blocked here at work, so I’m not really writing this :)

  2. Les Post author

    Time travel can get a bit confusing, that’s why I try to keep it to a minimum. Do be careful next Tuesday, though.

    Blocked at $samco$[1], eh? That must be good for my credibility.

    [1] Interesting IP address you have there

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