Big Brother is shouting at you

There are many, many security cameras in the UK. I’ve heard claims that we’re all recorded by 23,345[1] of the things every day[2]. Anyway, not content with watching us all, it seems the Powers That Be want to give everyone a good talking to as well. BBC News reports that after a trial scheme in Middlesbrough, a system of “talking cameras” is to be extended to more parts of the country.

The idea is that when an operator sees someone doing something “anti-social”[3], they’ll be able to use speakers mounted by the cameras to remonstrate with the reprobate[4]. I’m not sure if they’ll have a collection of stock phrases pre-recorded, or if they’ll be just talking into a microphone.

It’s worth a look at the BBC story, if only for the pictures showing how the scheme will work. :lol: :lol:

Of course, people with even moderate levels of paranoia might have a problem if security cameras start giving them orders…

[1] Or some such arbitrary number of them
[2] Which is a bit worrying, as there are days when I don’t leave the house :eek2:
[3] Dropping litter, having a bad haircut in a public place, that sort of thing
[4] Nice word, “reprobate”. I should use it more often