Daily Archives: Saturday, 7th Apr 2007

A quiet day in…

Another weight increase today, which is an indication that I need to get out and do some walking soon. I did have a vague intention of going out this morning, but I had the sudden urge to get round to the website redesign that I’ve been vaguely thinking of for a while. And as that kind of urge doesn’t come very often these days, I decided to follow it once I’d had some coffee :coffee:

As you’ll have noticed, the old narrow centred layout has been replaced by a more fluid design. If you have your web browser in a moderately wide window, you won’t have to do so much scrolling to read my longer posts[1]. And just for fun, I’ve moved the sidebar from the right to the left and replaced the pictures in the heading with a new official Losing it[1] logo.

I’ll probably make some more minor (or even major) adjustments as I think of them.

[1] Assuming you actually do read all this nonsense, that is :tongue:

Doctor Who – an interim report

OK, a full report on tonight’s episode will have to wait until:

  1. I’ve watched it again
  2. I’ve picked my jaw off the floor
  3. I’ve calmed down a bit

But I’d just like to say

Woooooo hooooooooo

Shakespeare, witches, the Globe Theatre, Harry Potter gags, and more.

Martha’s character developing nicely.

And incredibly, just when I thought it was impossible, David Bloody Tennant is getting better at being the Doctor. And it’s reported that he’s signed up to do the whole of the next series, contrary to previous rumours. Thanks to Room515 for the link. I followed up the story in the Guardian (registration required), but it doesn’t go into any more detail, or provide any sources.

More later.