A quiet day in…

Another weight increase today, which is an indication that I need to get out and do some walking soon. I did have a vague intention of going out this morning, but I had the sudden urge to get round to the website redesign that I’ve been vaguely thinking of for a while. And as that kind of urge doesn’t come very often these days, I decided to follow it once I’d had some coffee :coffee:

As you’ll have noticed, the old narrow centred layout has been replaced by a more fluid design. If you have your web browser in a moderately wide window, you won’t have to do so much scrolling to read my longer posts[1]. And just for fun, I’ve moved the sidebar from the right to the left and replaced the pictures in the heading with a new official Losing it[1] logo.

I’ll probably make some more minor (or even major) adjustments as I think of them.

[1] Assuming you actually do read all this nonsense, that is :tongue: