Doctor Who – an interim report

OK, a full report on tonight’s episode will have to wait until:

  1. I’ve watched it again
  2. I’ve picked my jaw off the floor
  3. I’ve calmed down a bit

But I’d just like to say

Woooooo hooooooooo

Shakespeare, witches, the Globe Theatre, Harry Potter gags, and more.

Martha’s character developing nicely.

And incredibly, just when I thought it was impossible, David Bloody Tennant is getting better at being the Doctor. And it’s reported that he’s signed up to do the whole of the next series, contrary to previous rumours. Thanks to Room515 for the link. I followed up the story in the Guardian (registration required), but it doesn’t go into any more detail, or provide any sources.

More later.

5 thoughts on “Doctor Who – an interim report

  1. David

    did i read about the dr having a son? if so was there a reference to it, when mr william said right of fathers and sons, then said to the dr I am just like you.
    or have I made all that up? lol

  2. Les Post author

    You like 14? I seeeeeeee…..

    The Doctor had a granddaughter, so we presume he had a son or a daughter at some point in his past. And he did say “I was a dad once” in an earlier episode for those not familiar with the classic series.

  3. David

    so have a possibly noticed a reference to his son? i would be so proud if i have lol

    14, its the day of my birthday (may 14th) its the number I have stitched into my football boots and wear on the back of my shirt. and I just seem to have good luck whenever is involved

  4. cam

    that episode wasnt that good i think it was but could of been a lot better :eek: and i dont think it had point to the finale just a side tracking one i think

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