Did you miss me?

Sorry to anyone who couldn’t get to Losing it[1] over the last few hours. I was a little distressed myself when I tried to go to the site this morning and got one of the error messages than nobody with a website ever wants to see:

Firefox can’t find the server at lcb.me.uk

Now that’s nasty. It doesn’t mean something normal like “the server’s broken”, which isn’t nice, but is bearable. It means “that domain doesn’t seem to exist”, which is a lot more serious. Email will bounce in a very unfriendly manner and visitors will get the idea that the site has been deleted with extreme prejudice.

So I popped over to Dreamhost’s status page, which they quite sensibly keep on a completely separate network, so it should be up even if everything else is down. At the time, they had a “medium level” fault showing with their DNS servers. Along with some other customers, I added a note that “domain not found” is actually a bit more than “medium”…

Anyway, after a little while they tracked it down to a Denial of Service Attack on their nameservers. They’ve now managed to block the attack, and everything now seems to be working.

Good work by the Dreamhost guys, actually. Last time I was with a host that suffered a DoS attack, my sites were down for a whole weekend.