GNER make a comeback

Yes, it’s the latest instalment in the ever-popular East Coast Main Line farce. I mentioned a while ago that GNER were hoping to get involved with one of the approved bidders for the new franchise, and now BBC News reports that GNER have joined up with Virgin[1] and Stagecoach.

Now this could be a good thing. GNER’s staff have an excellent record in delivering a good service to passengers, and Virgin seem to know what they’re doing in business terms, as do Stagecoach.

Of course, they’ll probably end up with Virgin’s customer service and GNER’s management. :laugh:

It reminds me of the probably apocryphal[2] story about the actress who propositioned George Bernard Shaw:

“Imagine a child with my looks and your brains.”

Shaw allegedly replied “Yes, but what if it had my looks and your brains?”

[1] And you know how much I love them
[2] Which we’ll define as meaning “too good to check” in this context[3]
[3] Which reminds me of another one. Some years ago, it is said, a bright young researcher at the BBC came up with the brilliant idea of turning Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy into a, err, radio series. :duh: [4]
[4] Now that’s a good example of digression :laugh: