Newcastle City Library: A Gap!

These are the pictures I took of Newcastle City Library on Thursday. As I approached the building from New Bridge Street, it looked like there wouldn’t be much to see. The building looked to be completely covered in white sheeting, and I thought for a moment that the actual demolition work would be going on out of sight, as was the case with Westgate House. But when I reached the corner, I realised I was wrong, and on this occasion, I was very happy to be wrong. A large section of the John Dobson Street elevation has been torn down, and the innards of the building are in plain view. The machine responsible for the work was sitting idle, so I presume the contractors had made an early start on the Easter weekend, so this batch of images are all a bit static. I’ll be going back regularly, and I hope to catch the machine in action at some stage. That should make some more interesting pictures, but these aren’t bad for a start. You can also see some strange activity going on at basement level, visible from Princess Square.

And if you’d like more frequent updates on the project, have a look at the Newcastle City Library webcam, which offers a live view from the dome of the Laing Art Gallery. Also handy if you want to check the weather in Newcastle :smile: .