A long walk

After the excitement of the bin fire, I set off on the walk I’d promised myself. My plan was to walk into Newcastle and take some pictures of some buildings I’ve neglected so far. But when I got into the centre of Gateshead, I remembered something else. I’ve been meaning to have a look at the sculpture trail along the Gateshead bank of the Tyne. So I did. I got some pictures of the various sculptures along the way, then followed the path as far as Dunston Staithes. I walked back along the river, then crossed over the Swing Bridge and headed into Newcastle.

I had a nice little wander, including a walk up Westgate Road – I hadn’t been up there for years. The view down the hill into Newcastle is quite impressive, especially now Westgate House is gone.

I then had a look at the new Eldon Square bus station, which is a great improvement on its predecessor. When the Eldon Square centre was built in the 1970s, someone thought that what amounted to a dark cavern with no natural light and not very good ventilation was the ideal place to put a bus station. It was never a very pleasant or welcoming place.

I was a bit tired after that, so I came home. That was the longest walk I’ve had in a long time, and my legs are aching a bit now. It seems to have worked off some of the extra weight, which is a good thing.

I’ll be sorting out the pictures soon. Well, fairly soon.