I finally got it together to go out for a walk with my camera today. I was just about ready to go, when I happened to glance out of the back window and saw flames. A wheelie bin had been left outside a nearby house[1], and it must have been too tempting a target for some idiot or other. I immediately called 999 and reported it to the Fire control room. And then went out to watch, and take the odd picture. I’d just got into position when the Fire control called me on the mobile, asking me to confirm the exact location, which I gave them. A fire crew arrived soon afterwards, and dealt with the fire. You can see what happened in the album.

Once the fire was out, I popped back home to download the pictures so I could have an empty memory card for my walk, which I’ll tell you about later.

[1] Normal collection day is Friday, and it had probably been there since then. As Friday and today were holidays, the actual collection day will probably be tomorrow. I think.