After the walk

Hmmmm. The after-effects of yesterday’s long walk were mixed. First the good news: my weight’s gone down. Now the bad news: oww!! oww!!!

Yes, my legs feel like they’ve almost completely seized up. Not my knees for once, though. This time it’s my hips, which is probably a sign that I really am getting old[1] :uhoh: :eek2:

It’s OK so long as I’m sitting down, but standing up and actually walking is a bit uncomfortable at present, so I ended up having another day in. This isn’t quite what I’d intended, but c’est la vie, and all that. I’ll try to make an effort to get out tomorrow. Probably. And I should have some pictures to put on show fairly soon, too. Probably.

[1] Shut up, Twisty!

9 thoughts on “After the walk

  1. Les Post author

    Third, eh? Not bad…. :tongue:

    It would be most unfortunate if someone forgot to renew your domain next month, wouldn’t it? :twisted: :twisted: :monster: Hard to believe it’s nearly two years since I registered it for you, isn’t it? :eek2:

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