You know it makes sense

Most of the time, CAPTCHAs, those irritating thingies that ask you to type in a word or code that’s displayed in some distorted form or other before you can sign up to a site, or post a comment, or whatever, are nothing more than an annoyance. Quite often, the distortion is bad enough for the letters to be ambiguous to a human, and there are automated systems that can decode the things. All of which makes them fail ever so slightly at their declared purpose of distinguishing between humans and nasty spambots. However, Defective Yeti’s Internet Access CAPTCHAs seem like a very good idea, and should be implemented immediately. Anyone failing the test obviously shouldn’t be allowed to comment anywhere. :lol:

Found at Look At This, which I really need to remember to visit more often. All the links you could wish for, and more besides. And some good photography, too!