Google Maps Re-revisited

Back in December, I mentioned that I had a new, improved plugin for adding Google Maps to my posts. And very nice it is, too. However, it seems that I forgot to update the old posts that had maps inserted by other means, so anyone looking at those posts would have seen a link rather than an embedded map. :duh:

I noticed this when I referred back last year’s visit to the Angel of the North, and promptly changed the link in that post to make the map appear. Which sort of worked, in that the link was replaced by a grey rectangle of the right size with Googlish markings, but there was a distinct lack of an actual map, and the expected satellite image was altogether absent. Hmmmmmm. So, I had a look through the comments on the plugin author’s site, and found that someone had run into the same problem. Theirs was due to an incompatibility with the CSS in a particular WordPress theme, and they helpfully posted a link to the solution. Now my layout is something of a Frankentheme, with bits borrowed from a variety of sources, and a lot of changes that only I can take the blame for, so I had a look in my CSS, and sure enough, at some point I had added the offending code. So, I changed

max-width: 100%;


max-width: none;

then reloaded the page, and woo hoo, my map was back. I then fixed as many old posts that had broken maps as I could find.

At some point, I’m going to have to go through my CSS and tidy it up. I’m sure there’s a lot of redundant bits in there…

2 thoughts on “Google Maps Re-revisited

  1. Avi Alkalay

    These are incompatibilities with your theme’s CSS with what Google Maps uses. Any other googlemapping tool you’ll be using with this theme will have the same problem.

    You should submit this CSS updates to your theme maker.

    I am happy to know that my maps plugin is useful for you :cool:

  2. Les Post author

    I’ll tell myself that immediately! :wink:

    I think that was a bit of left over CSS from Kubrick, which I borrowed bits of in an earlier version. All working nicely now :grin:

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