Wednesday Walk

Well, I seem to have recovered from the after effects of Monday’s walk. When I got up this morning, I was pleased to find that I could actually walk without feeling like my legs were about to lock up completely, which is a significant improvement on yesterday. So I decided to make an effort and get out of the house moderately early.

I started with a stroll through Saltwell Park, where I took some pictures of the birds on the lake, before carrying on to the Angel of the North. The last time I went there, the light wasn’t good at all, but today was a lot better, and I think I’ve got some better images this time, which I’ll put on show once I’ve sorted them out[1]. Once I’d taken all the pictures I wanted, I walked back home, once again passing through the park.

I was thinking of going for another walk, but I don’t think I’ll push it. I’d like to be able to move tomorrow…

[1] And all the others from the last week or so…

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Walk

  1. Les Post author

    That’s “birds” not “bids”, of course. As you’ll see when I get round to those pictures. But I did say “on the lake” rather than “in the park”, which would have been silly. Mutter.

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