Another walk

This morning, I got it together even earlier than yesterday, and went out before 10am, which is outrageously early for me on a non-work day. My main aim was to have a look at the new Northumbria University buildings. I’ve been meaning to look at these for a while, having admired them from a distance, but my main motivation today was to see

  1. The remains of the building next door, which burnt down on Sunday night
  2. The (slight) damage to the new buildings, which are due to open in September

As the remains of the burnt building were in an extremely unsafe condition, I couldn’t get all that close, but I was able to take some pictures, which I’ll sort out sooner or later.[1] I hadn’t been in that part of town for years – last time I was in the vicinity, the multi-screen cinema was still there. Even Google had been there more recently than me!


It was a good walk, too!

[1] Yes, yes. And all the other ones.