Statistically speaking…

About a month ago, I mentioned the list of the most prolific bloggers. Since then, my post count has gone from 1,900 to 1,998[1], and the list has developed into a user-editable Wiki-style thingy.

But looking at all these sites with lots of posts made me wonder about another figure: word count, which could be the basis of another definition of “prolific”. A bit of searching led me to the TD Word Count plugin, which provides some interesting details. It shows the total number of words posted, the average number of words per post, and lists all posts with their word counts. The list can be sorted in various ways, which is handy. If your site has multiple authors, it separates the counts for each one, so you can see who’s brief and to the point, and who goes on a bit.

Anyway, here are the figures to date, not including this post:

  • Total number of words: 285,390
  • Average number of words per post: 141
  • Longest ever post: this one
  • Shortest ever post: this one

That’s quite an alarming word count. It’s the equivalent of two or three reasonably long novels[2]! :eek2: You know, if I could focus my writing on something or other, I might be able to get somewhere. But that seems unlikely.

Oh, and if anyone with mathematical tendencies[3] checks the figures above and spots a discrepancy, it’ll be because the plugin counts WordPress’s static pages as posts, and adds their word count to the total.

[1] If I include this one
[2] Or maybe one Harry Potter
[3] Hi Twisty! :wave:

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