Kentucky Fried Tyrannosaurus?

BBC News reports that protein extracted from T Rex bones is very similar to chicken protein. This is interesting for several reasons – it wasn’t previously thought that protein could survive that long, and it proves that everything really does taste like chicken. :laugh:

Great for anyone who likes a nice big drumstick!

It reminds me of an old sf short story by Isaac Asimov, which appeared under the titles of “A Statue for Father” and “Benefactor of Humanity”. A man invents a time machine of some kind[1], and some little dinosaurs come through his time portal thingy. In some unfortunate accident or other, the dinos get burnt, and it turns out that their meat is the most delicious food ever, or some such. The inventor, who wanted to be known for inventing the time machine is instead revered as the man who gave the world dinochicken.[2]

[1] Look, to check the details, I’d have to stand up, go downstairs, find the right book on the shelf and re-read the story. You’ll just have to make do with my recollection, so there :tongue:
[2] It’s rambling asides like that one that account for my ludicrously high word count.