After my early starts on Wednesday and Thursday, I got up a bit later today. I did have one photographic target in mind, but as it was very misty today, I decided to leave that for another day.

Instead, I stayed in and did some dysonning[1] and tidying up. I’ve also made a good start on sorting out some of my backlog of photographs, but I haven’t done enough to actually put them on show yet. I’ll try to get round to that before I go back to work on Monday.

Apparently, we’re about to have the warmest weekend so far this year, with Sunday’s temperature predicted to be as high as – oh hold on. In the last few minutes, the estimated temperature as shown on the BBC Weather page has dropped from 21°C (70°F for the benefit of crazy furriners) to 17°C (around 63°F). And the “sun” icon has changed to a fluffy white cloud. Mutter.

If the newer estimate proves to be accurate, I probably will get round to sorting out the pictures, and if the earlier one is more accurate, I’ll go out and make my backlog even bigger. :lol:

[1] I’m far too pedantic to refer to using a Dyson vacuum cleaner as “hoovering” and far too casual to refer to it as “vacuuming” :cheesy: