The Impossible Quiz

OK, don’t click the link unless you’ve got a lot of time to waste spare. The Impossible Quiz is a sneaky, frustrating, silly and fun thing to play with. I’ve had a quick play, and I’ll be going back for more of the same. The questions are devious and frequently misleading. Read them carefully and you might get somewhere….

Needs Flash to work, and sound for best effect.

Update: Lots of people seem to be finding the quiz via this post (Goooooogle does strange things sometimes). There is a full set of answers in the comments below, so don’t scroll down unless you need help!

71 thoughts on “The Impossible Quiz

  1. Beanii

    errrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got 2 numba 109 then i lost :duh: :monster: !!!!! this game is sooo gay :crazy: but i love it :bouncy: !!! its soooo addictive :evil: my mum nags me 2 get off it lol :rant: :rant: :rant: :coffee: :coffee: hey everyone xx :wave: :wave: :laugh: :cheesy: im sooo :yawn: ov this game now!!!xx

  2. lush

    I love this game but i get told of for playing it becuse i started playing it in school and everyone copied me :wah: and every one kept shouting swear words and stuff like that if they lost :crazy: i didnt say anything :shh: so im now trying to stop playing it as if cos eveytime im in i.t i go on it then eveyone copies me and starts swearing and my nasty teacher keeps shouting at me :duh: :rolleyes: :eek: :eek2: so now i play it all night at hoe :sleepy: :yawn:

  3. lissa

    this is great ive finished it thats how col i am :bow: :rofl: :music: :sick: :evil2: :dizzy: :unreal: :drool: :clap: :rant: :cymru: :smile: :tongue: :grin: :wink: :slurp: :cool: :wave: :cheesy: :lol: :laugh: :bouncy: :yes: :neutral: :no: :sad: :cry: :wah: :angry: :shock: :duh: :rolleyes: :eek: :eek2: :uhoh: :crazy: :arrow: :left: :???: :evil: :!!!: :huh: :idea: :kiss: :shh: :?: :oops: :twisted: :monster: :pig: :yawn: :sleepy: :coffee: :espresso: i felt all of these while i was playing the quiz

  4. kezza 15

    i luv the impossible quiz and this is the first time i hav been on dis site! i fink the quiz gets so anoying but it is so addictive! so here i go again LOL :clap: :wave: bye…

  5. jazz

    dang the imposible quiz iz hard! but i just go onto wiki answers and then search the answers for the quiz…. if your stuck on one try searching this website on wen your on then search weki answers and then type in the question lyke ummm for example you can type what is the answer to number to 67 on the imposible quiz? anyways try it! it worked for me!!!

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