It’s a bun! It’s a flan!

It’s Superpie! This baker’s shop has been a fixture on Gateshead’s Coatsworth Road for decades. It had been looking a bit tatty lately, and it seems the owners have decided that a slight change was in order. They started by refitting the interior, then started on the paintwork. First the blue, then the white bits appeared. At first, I wasn’t sure if the white patches were going to be clouds or were patches that had been filled or some such repair work. Well, it seems my first thought was right. Nice clouds. And, err, distinctive superhero. :cheesy: :eek:



I’ll get some more pictures when it’s finished.

6 thoughts on “It’s a bun! It’s a flan!

  1. Jim

    Superpie has been sold twice in two and a half years. The new owners seem to have lost the plot :duh:
    They also seem to have all there customers to the new bakery on coatsworth rd, Tastybake.
    Apparently the guy who owns Tastybake used to work at superpie. They do good stuff :slurp:

  2. Les Post author

    Well, there is a large friendly “Under New Management” sign draped across the side bit (where they put a new shop front in front of the bakery bit), so it looks like Super Pie has indeed changed hands. Again. Maybe the latest owner will have slightly less interesting tastes in shopfronts…

  3. Alan

    :dizzy:was talking to the guy who owns Tastybake and he says someone was spreading rumours he was selling up! :crazy:

    :no: Far from it. He says hes looking for more shops :yes:

    I hear the original owner of Superpie :bow: is enjoying his retirement :wave:

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