WordPress 2.2: slightly less imminent

A while back, the WordPress developers decided on a regular release schedule. After the release of version 2.1, the next feature release was due next week. However, there has been a lot of discussion about the addition of tags to the WordPress core. A lot of people use plugins such as Ultimate Tag Warrior to add tags to WordPress, so any addition to the core would have to deal with people’s existing tags.

Now, this was, apparently[1] working, but a lot of people who actually write PHP had suggestions about how this should work, and there was a lack of consensus on what should be in the released version[2]. After much weeping, wailing and indeed gnashing of teeth, it was decided to remove tags from version 2.2 altogether[3], and sort out the feature properly for version 2.3, which should be along in about three months. This means that 2.2 will be a wee bit late, as Matt has officially announced.

This makes a lot of sense to me – while I think that having more frequent feature releases is a Good Thing[5], trying to stick to a rigid release schedule struck me as unrealistic. Maybe it’s my many years of working with Microsoft that’s made me adopt a relaxed attitude to release dates, or maybe it’s just that I’d rather software was released when it’s really ready rather than according to a schedule.

Of course, I probably wouldn’t have rushed into moving to 2.2 when it came out anyway…

[1] I haven’t been keeping up to date with testing of late…
[2] I’ve been reading the discussions, but as a non-programmer, a lot of it goes over my head. If you’re interested, have a look at the wp-hackers list
[3] Upsetting a few people who have been running their live sites on the pre-release versions[4]
[4] They’re braver than I am…
[5] This is quite distinct from bug fix and security updates, which are released on a “when they’re needed” basis