Better Plugin Management

One of the features expected to be in the slightly delayed WordPress 2.2 is the much needed[1] ability to deactivate all plugins. It’s always been standard advice to deactivate all plugins when upgrading WordPress, and this will

  1. Make this much easier
  2. Make it much more likely that people will actually do it

Of course, having deactivated all your plugins, you’ll want to reactivate them all. And as this can be a bit tedious if you have a lot of them[2], Dougal Campbell has written a slight modification which will automagically reactivate the plugins for you. Nice.

We’ll also be getting a “plugin sandbox”, which checks for errors when plugins are activated, and if activating a plugin generates an error, it will be automatically deactivated before it can cause site breakage, earthquakes or other problems.

[1] And slightly overdue, in my not particularly humble opinion
[2] I seem to have well over 30 at present :eek2: