Don’t try this at home

I had a quick look at the Saltwell Park Show this afternoon. The most interesting bit of it was this demonstration by the Fire Brigade. Fires in chip pans[1] are all too common and can be very bad indeed. Apart from giving good advice such as “don’t use too much oil” and “dry your chips before you put them in the oil”, they provided this quite impressive demonstration of why trying to put out such a fire with water is a Very Bad Idea. This is what happened when the equivalent of two eggcups full of water were added to a burning chip pan. :eek2: :eek2:

[1] Note to furriners: many Brits like to cook chips[2] at home. This involves using a pan of very hot oil into which a basket containing the chipped potatoes are added. As the oil is very hot, this needs to be done carefully. Oven chips and microwave chips are safer options, as are deep fat fryers, which have thermal cut outs and lids.
[2] That’s chips, which are similar to “French fries” only they’re usually thicker. The things certain crazy furriners call chips are really crisps, of course.