Daily Archives: Sunday, 22nd Apr 2007

Flickr Screensaver

That clever Sam Judson chap has released an updated version of his Flickr.Net Screensaver. I don’t usually bother with screensavers, on the grounds that they only work when I’m not doing anything with my computer, and if I’m not doing anything with my computer, I’m probably not looking at it. However, this one is nice enough to mention. It runs a slideshow of pictures from Flickr with the option to show pictures from a single user[1], a group of your choice or a random selection from anyone on Flickr. There are some simple display options, and it appears to do what it says on the tin.

Nice work, Sam! :wave:

[1] It seems to default to those by some Sam guy, but you can choose your own, or someone else’s if you prefer


I went back to the park this afternoon to see the main event of the Saltwell Park Show 2007, a quite stunning performance featuring musicians from all over Europe together with singers and drummers from Newcastle and Gateshead. I took loads of pictures, which will appear here subject to the usual supply of tuits. In the meantime, here’s one of a couple of the drummers. That’s not their own hair, by the way. :cheesy:

The Sound of Drums

The Sound of Drums