Vonnegut Day

Kurt Vonnegut, who died recently, was a fine author with an interesting mind.

Dive into Mark proposes that on every February 29th, we should celebrate Vonnegut Day, for reasons Mark expresses far more eloquently than I would have. An excellent idea, which I hope I won’t forget about.

A personal favourite line from Vonnegut went something like “not very good at life, but funny sometimes with the commentary”. Any resemblance to, err, me is purely coincidental :lol:

One thought on “Vonnegut Day

  1. Jim Deming

    Question from the audience: Mr. Vonnegut, when you write your books, do you image your readers reading the lines you write?

    Mr. Vonnegut: When I write, I visualize my sister sitting in front of me. And I tell her my story.

    – from the Hungry Mind Bookstore reading and book signing for his book, ‘Bagombo Snuff Box ‘, September 15, 1999 St. Paul, Minnesota. It was held at Central Presbyterian Church, downtown, to handle the crowd.

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