Nice start to the week

I was almost tempted to catch the bus to work today, but it was such a bright sunny morning that walking seemed the only possible thing to do. I took a few pictures on the way to work, which may appear here when I find the appropriate tuit.

As I’ll be in Manchester for most of the week, today was my only chance for a visit to the City Library, so I wandered down there at lunchtime. As it turned out, this was a good move. For the first time, I saw the big demolition machine in action, tearing chunks out of the structure of the building. I took lots of pictures of that, and they will be appearing when I find another tuit.

It was still bright and sunny at home time, so I took an indirect walk home, heading down Dean Street and across the Swing Bridge. And yes, I took yet more pictures on the way. Insert standard comment about tuits.

This morning’s weight was down a bit, and the day was improved further when I learned that I’ve got a quite nice pay rise, which should help keep my camera in the luxury to which it’s become accustomed[1]. :bouncy:

[1] It’s been muttering about wanting a nifty wide angle lens. It’s so demanding!