Daily Archives: Tuesday, 1st May 2007

Off I go again

Wednesday’s “just before I go” weight was down a wee bit, which is a good start to the month.

I’ll be leaving work early today to catch a train to sunny Manchester for a three day course on Designing Security for Microsoft Networks, which may or may not be fun.

Interim reports may or may not follow, depending on connectivity. Be good[1] without me, won’t you?

[1] Especially you, Twisty! :tongue:

Newcastle City Library: 30 April

I won’t have time to sort through the numerous pictures I took yesterday until the weekend, but here’s a taster. This shows a quite large reinforced concrete pillar being chomped. The water spray runs whenever the machine is running to keep the dust from spreading too far.

Update: The full set of pictures can now be seen in this album:

Black Gate in Black and White

It’ll be a few days at least before I upload the rest of the pictures I took yesterday, but here’s one to be going on with. This is the Black Gate, a building I’ve photographed from other angles before, but for some reason I’ve never really looked at it from this low angle. From here, the surrounding buildings can’t be seen, and it’s almost as if the Gate was an isolated tower standing on a hill. Or something like that, anyway. Black and white seemed like a good idea for this one.

The Black Gate

The Black Gate

It may be a bit quiet…

…for the next few days.

I’m going to be on a training course, and staying in a hotel. I should be able to get internet access in the hotel, but I don’t know yet how good it will be. Don’t expect any photos before the weekend, but I may manage a post or three.

I’ll more than likely catch up at the weekend.