Newcastle City Library: 30 April

I won’t have time to sort through the numerous pictures I took yesterday until the weekend, but here’s a taster. This shows a quite large reinforced concrete pillar being chomped. The water spray runs whenever the machine is running to keep the dust from spreading too far.

Update: The full set of pictures can now be seen in this album:

3 thoughts on “Newcastle City Library: 30 April

  1. Les Post author

    Just got the timing right for once. All my previous visits have been when they were picking up the rubble, which is moderately interesting, but nowhere near as much fun as watching some quality destruction[1]. :bouncy:

    It is a shame that a building that seemed to be doing its job nicely is being torn down, but the new one looks like it will be very pretty :smile:

    [1] “What’s wrong with a little destruction?”, as Franz Ferdinand put it

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