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You might recall me mentioning that I’ve been using the Beta of Adobe Photoshop CS3. Since it came out in December, I’ve been using it exclusively – I haven’t so much as looked at CS2. Well, the real live version of CS3 came out recently, and I was planning to get it, but not quite yet. Well, that plan took a bit of a blow.

While I was away, the Beta expired. I seem to recall them muttering about it ceasing to work in May, so I can’t say I wasn’t warned. So, I uninstalled it, and prepared to start using CS2 again. and was amazed to find how clunky and awkward it felt. Just odd little things here and there that make the typical adjustments I do a lot simpler with CS3.

OK, I thought. I’ll get a 30 day trial version, that’ll give me another month before I need to actually buy an upgrade. One slight problem. Adobe don’t yet have a trial version. Mutter.

So, I’ve ordered a boxed upgrade[1] through work[2], which I’ll have next week. This may cause some delays with sorting out my photo backlog, but I’ll try to get some done tomorrow and Wednesday.

[1] I would have thought of getting the download, but that’s more expensive. The excuse is apparently to do with the VAT rate in whichever country is hosting the download server, but it seems silly to me. No box, DVD or manual should be worth a bigger discount than could be swallowed by a VAT difference…
[2] Online suppliers never sleep[3]
[3] And that way I can pay the bill after pay day :grin: