Daily Archives: Tuesday, 8th May 2007

Newcastle City Library: The Big Gap

Even though I haven’t sorted out the pictures from my last visit to the City Library demolition, I went back today. It’s been just over a week since I was last there, and the work seems to be going very well indeed. The whole middle section of the building is now gone, and the gap is getting gradually wider.

Big gap

Big gap

This is a sample of today’s pictures – the rest, and the ones from last week will appear once I’ve got my Photoshop CS3 upgrade, which should be tomorrow. :bouncy: :bouncy:

And I’ll get round to those reviews soon, too. Well, fairly soon. I would have done them yesterday, but decided to have a rest instead. Orrrrr….. after posting so much last month, I’m taking a break this month. Orrrrr…… I’ll think of another excuse later.

Newcastle City Library – 8 May 2007

More pictures of the Newcastle City Library: