A Tuit Has Landed

Yes, I’ve finally found a tuit, and I’ve got to work on some of the pictures I’ve been promising you all.[1] First, we there are some pictures taken on the way to and from work on 30 April. These include some strange signs, amongst other things.

Not only that, but there are more pictures of the Newcastle City Library demolition. First, the set from 30 April.

And also a selection from 8 May. I’m catching up!

More pictures and more posts will follow…

[1] The squillions of regular, irregular and insane people who apparently read all this nonsense

2 thoughts on “A Tuit Has Landed

  1. Twisty

    Hi, Les! :wave: Re: [1] There were 254 of us regular people at last count; eleventy billion irregulars, such as yourself; and 59 brazillian of the :crazy: s. If you’re going to use statistics, please make an effort to be accurate. Thanks.

  2. Les Post author

    And there we have it folks, one of the most irregular and insane readers imaginable. Actually, if you could imagine Twisty, you’d be a little on the sanity-challenged side yourself, so perhaps “imaginable” was the wrong word to use. Actual figures show between 300 and 400 visits most days. Most of those arrive by mistake, and run away screaming, of course.

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