We apologise for the delay…

BBC News reports that passengers were kept waiting for over eight hours on a plane at Newcastle Airport. The delay was variously blamed on a technical fault, unidentified luggage, and finally a passenger escaped apparently “went missing”.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I was kept waiting on any form of transport for eight hours, I’d get a wee bit irritated. I might even get a bit :rant: :rant: . Apparently the victims passengers did too, to the extent that the Police were called “to calm the situation”. Now if they’d arrested whatever idiot decided that the thing to do when you can’t take off is to imprison people in a metal tube rather than run the risk of having them roam around the terminal, I’m sure the situation would have become very calm indeed.

Douglas Adams fans will have realised that the real reason for the delay was that they were waiting for the lemon-scented moist napkins to be delivered. Or invented. Or for a new civilisation to rise. :lol: