WordPress 2.2 Has Landed

What with one thing and another, I went to bed a wee bit late last night. Part of the reason I was up so late is that I was belatedly upgrading some WordPress weblogs for a friend or two. As is my standard practice now, I used Bryan Layman’s totally spiffy EasyWPUpdate script, which does all the backing up, downloading files and even does the equivalent of clicking the “Update WordPress” link for you.

So, quite naturally, when I got up this morning, I learned that WordPress 2.2 has been released. As I’ve been keeping half an eye on the developers’ mailing list, I was pretty sure that this would be a safe and easy update from 2.1.x, so I deactivated all my plugins and ran the script on Losing it[1], which appears to have survived intact. I reactivated my plugins[1] and here we are.

For more detailed information, see Aaron Brazell’s 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.2, which explains rather more than the development blog does.

One new feature that I like is the single click to deactivate all plugins, which will make future upgrades that wee bit quicker. Unfortunately, Dougal Campbell‘s eminently sensible suggestion to have a “reactivate” link which reactivate the plugins you deactivated (not any that were previously deactivated) didn’t make it into this release. I’m hoping it appears in 2.3, which should be along in about four months or so.

There’s also a bit of protection against faulty plugins. When you activate a plugin, WordPress now checks to see if it generates a code error before letting it loose, which should avoid some of that nasty blank screen stuff that requires FTP access to fix. Nice.

Other changes are intended to speed up the admin interface, and I’ll be monitoring that.

This isn’t a huge update, but it adds some useful features, and I’d suggest that most WP users should go for it. If your site is working with 2.1.x, you shouldn’t have any major issues with 2.2. If you’re still on 2.0.x, this might be the time to bite the metaphorical bullet, update those plugins, check your theme and get up to date.

Oh yes, and Matt explains why the name for this version is Getz.

[1] This is recommended best practice. Lots of people never bother and get away with it. Decide for yourselves.

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