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Oh dear. Dreamhost are having DNS problems. Again. Last time was because of a nasty DDoS attack, so I couldn’t really blame them, but this time it would appear to be a borkage issue.

And just like last time, when the fault was first shown on their status page, it was flagged as Severity: Medium, which shows a quite stunning lack of understanding of how the Internet works. Now if some servers are down, and sites don’t load, visitors get error messages that indicate that something is broken. Now that’s not exactly good, but it’s not too bad. Most people understand that all but the most expensively run sites will have some down time now and then. But when DNS fails, people get messages that suggest that the site does not exist, which is a lot more serious. Email can disappear in a Bad Way, and visitors might assume you’ve given up on all that silly web stuff and gone off to join the circus, or get a life, or something. Non-responsive DNS is a Very Bad Thing indeed, and deserves at least the high severity it has now been flagged with.

To avoid being bitten this way again, I’m going to move the management of my site’s DNS elsewhere. I’m quite happy having the site hosted on Dreamhost, but two DNS outages in two months means that I really don’t want to rely on their DNS any more.

If you’ve been unable to get to the site, my apologies. I’ll try to stop that happening again.

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  1. Les Post author

    And it’s done. I moved the domain parking from 123-reg to Daily, where the panel is easier to use, and the support has a better reputation. I then copied all the DNS entries for from the Dreamhost panel to the Daily panel, then changed the name servers. All done in under an hour, including waiting for records to update at Nominet. For maximum stability, I have the Daily name servers and Dreamhost’s configured for the domain, so we shouldn’t have that particular issue again.

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