Daily Archives: Tuesday, 29th May 2007

Comment Quicktags Reloaded

Just the other day, I noticed that the upgrade to WordPress 2.2 had caused some unexpected breakage on my comments form. The button that inserts links into comments was declining to do anything of the kind, and was throwing up JavaScript errors referring to “quicktagsL10n”. Now I’m not a coder, but I know that “L10n” is geek for “localisation” (10 letters between the l and the n, see?), so I figured that this was some new code to make translating WordPress into other languages easier. Now that is, of course, a Good Thing, but it was a bit of a pain for me.

My quick and dirty solution[1] was to edit the quicktags.js file back into a form similar to previous versions, which made things work and stopped the nasty JavaScript errors.

But now there’s a proper solution! The trouble is caused by the Comment Quicktags plugin that I’ve been using for years. Being an old plugin whose original author has moved on to other things, it didn’t understand the L10n thingy, and so it broke. As is so often the case with WordPress thingies, somebody has stepped in and weaved some magic. In this case, the credit goes to Ibrahim Ali Faour who has released Comment Quicktags Reloaded. If you’re using WordPress 2.2 and you’d like your quicktags to work on your comment form, this is what you need.

Thanks to Weblog Tools Collection for another useful suggestion. :wave:

[1] Not being a coder, that’s the only kind I could come up with :lol:


I recently alluded to the engagingly bonkers lolcat phenomenomenomenon. Like all good bits of internet silliness, it’s being stretched, twisted and twiddled in all sorts of directions, including a few that would make H P Lovecraft wince[1].

However, I think that I’ve found the pinnacle of lolcattery[2]. Mix the whole silly locat thing with that other geek obsession, Star Trek[3], and you get LOLTrek. Click, laugh, enjoy.

[1] It’s a geometry thing.
[2] I just made that up. I’m probably the 3,565th person to do so, but I don’t care, so there.
[3] The original series, of course