Doctor Who – Cancellation Rumours

I’ve spotted that people are Goooooooooogling for this, so I thought I’d better post something about it. I read a report on The Register, which reported that the Sun[1] had claimed that next year’s series of Doctor Who would be the last. The report alleges that “boss Russell T Davies” has decided to end the series, and that he and “senior staff” will resign next summer.

Now there are a number of problems with this report:

  1. It’s in the Sun, and should therefore be treated with extreme suspicion
  2. RTD does not own Doctor Who. He is employed by the BBC to run the series. When he moves on to other projects (which I’m sure he will at some point), the BBC will appoint another writer to head the project. There are a number of potential candidates…
  3. Doctor Who is making a lot of money for the BBC. Foreign sales of the show, DVDs, merchandise, more merchandise, not to mention the prestige of having a ratings winner that wins numerous awards. Cancelling it while it’s a major feature of the TV landscape would require a level of idiocy transcending anything seen before at the BBC.
  4. The report is attributed to “a source”, which probably means “overheard in a pub”, or “made up”

So I think we can safely ignore this report.

[1] I decline to link directly to that miserable excuse for a newspaper

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