How We Built Britain

How We Built Britian is a new series which started on Sunday on BBC1. David Dimbelby presents a history of Britain told through its buildings. Each episode concentrates on a particular region of the country, and involves the veteran broadcaster[1] driving around in a Land Rover and being very enthusiastic about the buildings he visits. All good fun, and includes some quite glorious camera work – helicopter shots that seem to caress the structures, close ups of incredible details, and a real sense of how the buildings fit into the landscape. A particular highlight was Ely Cathedral, which rises from the flat lands all around.

Worth watching if you like architecture, history, photography, or indeed Mr Dimbelby. The book is out now, and the DVD will be available next month.

[1] Yes, it’s a cliché, but in this case it’s an accurate description, so I’m using it anyway :tongue: