More Doctor Who DVD news

Ooooooooh! The release schedule for “classic” Doctor Who is stepping up again. Tom Baker’s first story, Robot is out now, and you can expect a review fairly soon. Next month sees the release of Timelash, a much-maligned Colin Baker story. Is it really as bad as people say? Find out soon!

Then in August, there’s a boxed set including two Peter Davison stories: Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity. The former I recall as being not all that good[1], but the latter had more going for it. And in early September, we’ll have The Time Warrior, a Jon Pertwee story which introduces both the Sonatarans and Sarah Jane Smith. Good fun, that one.

But, if Amazon’s information is correct, the big news is that later in September there will be a boxed set of the entire Key to Time season :bouncy: :bouncy: , featuring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Mary Tamm as the first incarnation of Romana. A lovely series based around the collection of the various components of the, err, Key to Time, and involving a delightfully silly bit of Douglas Adams work. The six stories will be available at a moderately reasonable price, which is nice.

Lots to look forward to there, which is just as well, as there are only four more episodes to go in the current series, and then we’ll have to wait until Christmas for more new Who!

[1] It involves a very unlikely landing of a Concorde