Going, going….

After years of speculation, discussion and arguing, an announcement has been made about the future of Gateshead’s notorious multi-storey car park: it doesn’t have one. :cheesy:

Gateshead Council and the owners of the site, Tesco, have announced that the indoor market underneath the car park will close in August, and that demolition will begin this Autumn. And yes, I will be taking photographs of that job. :grin:

The car park is a particularly egregious example of brutalist architecture, and like all too many structures of that school, it’s dumped in place without any regard for its surroundings. It even dominates the skyline when looking down Grey Street in Newcastle. Its demolition is long overdue and will be welcomed by everyone, with the possible exceptions of some Get Carter fans and architect Owen Luder, who, last I heard, still thinks a bloody ugly concrete lump is a Good Thing.

Going, going...

Going, going...

There will be a public consultation exercise about the exact use of the site once it’s cleared. The Your Trinity Square site will have the details at some point. For now, you can register your interest.

One downside is that the traders in the indoor market will not have anywhere to go – public consultation notwithstanding, it’s already been stated that market stalls will not be part of the new town centre. Personally, I haven’t had cause to go into the market in years, but obviously some people do, and will miss it…

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