New Toy

My Canon 30D insisted[1] that I buy it a present. So I got it this Sigma 10-20mm wide angle zoom lens. Samples and details to follow, if the rain ever stops.

Sigma 10-20mm

Sigma 10-20mm

[1] It’s very demanding

6 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. Les Post author

    I saw a comparative review of wide-angle lenses a few months ago in one of the photo magazines – probably Digital Photo. This one got a good rating for quality and value for money, so I put it on my list. It’s worth shopping around, as prices vary a lot – I got it for £288 from Cameras2U, the same people who sold me my 30D nearly a year ago.

  2. David

    You’ll love this lens Les. I’ve had one for a bout a year now and it never fails to produce the goods. Just watch out for the distortion at the 10mm end :wink:

  3. Les Post author

    Thanks – I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve spotted a tendency for converging verticals, but nothing I wasn’t expecting. Mind you, at first it was a little disconcerting having objects that were on the edge of my peripheral vision appearing in the viewfinder. And people walking towards me are much closer than they appear :laugh:

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