Doctor Who – The Sound of Drums (first reaction)

OK, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll catch up on proper episode reviews, comments and general babbling after next week’s final episode. But for now, can I just say

Wooooooooooo hoooooooo

Lots of fun. The Master is back, and he’s crazier and more brilliant and murderous than ever. Martha’s got family troubles, Jack’s not feeling his best, and Torchwood aren’t available to assist, and the Doctor is really looking rough.

Things can only get more entertaining next Saturday.

Oh, and top marks for the Captain Scarlet reference.[1]

[1] Which I’ll explain later in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet. I’m nice like that.

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who – The Sound of Drums (first reaction)

  1. David

    I didnt really like it…

    I love the master, and the dr, jack and martha were great as always, but the story was a little weird to me and didnt really live up to the hype for me…
    Dont get me wrong, it had some really really good parts, the gallifrey parts especially, but I just wasnt impressed with the overall story, a bit predictable.

  2. Les Post author

    Welllllll, it is only the first part. The set-up, so to speak. We did have to spend some time establishing that the Master is quite seriously bonkers, and that he’s the Doctor’s equal. Did you see Confidential? Apparently David Tennant got a bit upset because John Simm’s laser screwdriver was bigger than his sonic job. :lol:

  3. David

    i missed confidential, but I will catch it on sunday after I watch the episode again (bbc3) I’m sure it will all become clear after watching the second part.
    Just got to wait a whole bloody week for it now though :no:

  4. James

    I thought it was GR8 !!!! Although i hope the Doctor dont stay old, i preffered him when he was his normal… well when he was younger…

  5. Harry

    heyyyy that episode was wiked!!
    i got a little feeling that captain jacks friends who went on that wild goose chase thingy will come back and help but other than that dunno what they r gonna do lol!
    martha might do summet (obviousley) :crazy:
    newayz bye bye going to bed :sleepy:

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