Flickr Fun and Games

Regular readers[1] might have noticed that I’ve been Flickring more lately. One of the things that I like about Flickr is the groups feature. This is a great way of getting a wider audience for your pictures, and for discovering the work of other photographers with similar interests, or who work in your locality.

Anyway, when I happened to be looking at some pictures in one of the local groups I’ve been in for a while, I found another group – Enjoying Photography. Well, the name sounded good to me, so I had a look, and found that the Flickr group is just a part of a community. There’s a website and a forum that are free and remarkably painless to join.

Members can post one image to the Flickr group pool each day, and everyone is encouraged to offer comments and creative criticism, which is sometimes lacking in some Flickr groups. It’s a nice, friendly place, and I plan to spend more time there.

[1] And those who haven’t had enough fibre in their diets, too :lol: