Doctor Who – Last of the Time Lords (first reaction)



I’m going to have to watch that again before I can write anything coherent, partly because I was so engrossed that I stopped taking notes, but mostly because I need to see it again. And possibly again, too.

A big ending to the series[1], which resolved the story nicely and solved an intriguing question that’s been lingering for a while.

Oh, and a nice teaser for this year’s Christmas special

I’ll get on with my proper episode reports soon. Actually, by leaving them, I’ve saved myself having to rewrite one of them in the light of later events[2]. All part of my cunning plan!

[1] So big, in fact, that it was ten minutes longer than usual
[2] All will become clear eventually

10 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Last of the Time Lords (first reaction)

  1. Les Post author


    If we’re speculating….

    I think the Master’s ring may prove to be significant – perhaps it’s another little Time Lord gadget like the watch. I’m pretty sure that was Mrs Master[3] who picked it up.

    Anyway, the Master has come back from being sucked into voids, totally destroyed, zapped and generally finished off many times before, so I’m sure we won’t have seen the last of him in some form or other. I have to say that John Simm was abso-bloody-lutely wonderful in the role. Seeing him working with David Tennant was quite superb. The BBC have earned my licence fee this year :grin:

    [3] :cheesy:

  2. Les Post author

    Heh heh. Yes, that was a nice little detail. Russell T Davies plans all this out very carefully, you know….

    Apparently the end of next year’s series will be even bigger, according to remarks made by RTD. The man’s quite mad, you know….

  3. David

    i just wonder, why didnt jack wonder when the dr and martha wer etalking about the face of boe…. like in utopia for example, martha says “think what the face of boe said” and jack is right there

  4. Jonathan

    Personally I think it was totally pants… why on earth did it need to be resolved… and the ending was a total cop-out… better to end the season three episodes ago, with the master nicking off in the Tardis. As for the Toclofane! I feel cheated… how totally pathetic. Worst episode ever. Wish somebody would review RTD’s scripts before he films them.

    Nice idea with the face of boe, but why do people feel like they have to tie up all the loose ends. Absolute tosh!! :duh:

  5. mrmidge

    I was impressed and disappointed. I though the love of all humans saving the doc a bit much but liked the ring and boe ending.

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