Accidental art

I took this picture back in March, shortly after I got the 50mm lens. It wasn’t a planned effect, just the result of pointing the camera down a sunny street with the aperture at its quite wide maximum. Looked at one way, it’s an over-exposed picture of the kind I’d usually pass over, but there was something about the way the people seemed to be almost floating that appealed to me. Then a few days ago, I saw a quite different picture which had a similar effect, which reminded me of this one, which I dusted down, tweaked slightly and uploaded to Flickr.

Art, apparently

Art, apparently

And that’s where Flickr can be a really Good Thing. People look at your pictures, and sometimes comment. What hadn’t occurred to me, but did to others was that I’d accidentally created something reminiscent of a Lowry painting. And now it’s been pointed out, I can see exactly what they mean.

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