Life on Mars: the sequel

Aha! It seems all systems are go for the previously rumoured sequel to the rather superb Life on Mars. BBC News reports that Ashes to Ashes[1] will be set in 1981, and will star Philip Glenister in a slightly older reprise of his Gene Hunt role. This time, rather than dealing with John “Master” Simm, Gene will have a new challenge. DI Alex Drake, played by Keeley Hawes, plays a psychological profiler from around now who finds herself in the past in much the same way as Sam Tyler did.

Now that should be fun for Gene: she’s a woman and a psycho-wotsit type. Assuming that he hasn’t changed much[2], Alex Drake should rub him up the wrong way at least as much as Sam Tyler did.

All this raises even more interesting questions: how “real” is Gene Hunt anyway? A possible clue to why another modern police officer should be transported back in time is that in the final episode of Life on Mars, during his brief return to the present, Sam dictated an account of his experience for an officer who was making a study of some kind. Will that turn out to be Alex Drake? Or will it be a bizarre coincidence?

Either way, I hope it’ll be at least half as good as Life on Mars. That would still make it better than 95% of what’s on TV.

[1] If they keep using Bowie songs, they could keep this up for ages…
[2] And it’ll be no fun at all if he has :laugh: