Feed me!

This is of interest to anyone reading the RSS feeds for this site. I’ve been using FeedBurner to look after my feeds for some time now. It’s quite nifty, as it automagically presents feed readers with the format they ask for without me actually having to do anything about it, and also provides me with some figures showing how many people have read (or at least loaded) my feeds and what (if anything) they clicked through to read.

FeedBurner, like so many other things, was recently bought by Goooooooogle, and in the usual Googly way, the new masters have made some changes. Quite nice ones, as it happens. FeedBurner used to work on the “free basic service, chargeable extras” model. I quite like this way of working, but when I’m a customer, I like it even better if everything is free. Well, in the case of FeedBurner, now everything is free.

I can now get more detailed statistics, and now I’ve done a bit of DNS jiggery-pokery[1], my feeds now claim to be coming from my own domain:

http://feeds.losingit.me.uk/losingIt1 for the content feed and http://feeds.losingit.me.uk/CommentsForLosingIt1 for the less popular comments feed. The feeds are still hosted and generated by FeedBurner, they just have my domain name attached, which makes them more personal. That’s probably why the service is called MyBrand…

[1] Technical expression