I’m interesting, apparently :-)

Woo, and indeed, hoo. This is a first for me. Three of my pictures listed in Flickr’s Explore.

Very Interesting...

Very Interesting...

For those not familiar with Flickr, Explore is where pictures deemed to be Interesting are shown. Quite how this is determined is an arcane secret of some kind, but it’s got something to do with comments received, how many people have viewed the image, the weather in Carlisle[1] and other factors. This is the first time this has happened to me, and I’m ever so slightly pleased about it[2]. I can only attribute my new-found fame to the fact that I’m participating in the Enjoying Photography Flickr group, which I mentioned recently, as I’ve been getting lots of helpful comments there.

I was alerted to my new exalted status[3] by the nifty Profile Widget from fd’s Flickr Toys, where I also got the image at the top of this post, which is a nice permanent record of my pictures being in Explore. The widget thingy is in the sidebar of this site, and also shows up on my Flickr Profile page.

The pictures in question just happen to be three that I’m quite happy with myself, which makes it even better. They are:

  1. St Mary’s Cathedral (HDR), which I mentioned recently
  2. Graceful, from my first batch of City Library pictures
  3. Tynemouth Priory, a picture from last year which I like so much that I have a large print of it on show at work.

[1] OK, I may have made that one up
[2] Understatement :cheesy:
[3] :lol: :laugh:

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