A day at the coast

Yay! I’ve got a week off, which means I might get round to a bit of catching up on the reviews I need to write and the photographs I need to select, tweak and upload. On the other hand, I might just give myself a bigger backlog…

Today started bright and sunny, so I persuaded myself to get out and about amazingly early[1], and took the Metro to West Monkseaton. I tend to get off there when I go to the coast, as it’s a wee bit closer to St Mary’s Island. Still a fair old walk, but I needed one of those, so that was OK. I had a nice walk along the coast, and even ventured onto a beach or two, walking in actual sand to get some close looks at interesting rocks, tide pools and other such things. As I got closer to St Mary’s Island, I had a go at photographing some of the many birds which seem to like the area. This is one of my better efforts:



It could have done with a shorter exposure to freeze the bird’s motion, but apart from that, it’s not too bad. I’ll try to do better next time I’m confronted by birdies. :smile:

Just for once, I arrived at the right time. The tide was out, so I walked across the causeway to St Mary’s Island and had a look at the lighthouse. After that, I walked back, stopping off to look at some more interesting rocks and things. Once I was back on the mainland, I considered getting a bus to Tynemouth, so I could spend some time there before coming home, but I persuaded myself that walking would be better.[2] Well, the walk was pretty good for a while, and I took lots more pictures along the way, but after a while my feet began to suggest that they’d had quite enough walking for one day, and they’d like to go home. So I took the slightly shorter route to Tynemouth Metro station, and came home. Good timing, as a few minutes after I got on the Metro, some of that seriously heavy rain arrived.

It was a good day, I’ve got loads of pictures to go through, some of which might just be pretty good, and I got more exercise than I have in ages. I suspect I may have a wee bit of trouble moving tomorrow, though…

[1] I was out well before 11am! :eek2:
[2] I should stop letting me talk me into things :crazy: